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UDistrict Smiles
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Brandon H.
Brandon H.
2017-01-23 21:57:41
Ritu and all the people at UDistrict Smiles are the best. Ritu is fun and informative about everything before she does anything, the staff are all...
Chassy C.
Chassy C.
2017-01-05 19:22:29
Dr. Bahl has been my favorite dentist to date. Her clinic is small and friendly with top-notch staff. They've taken care of my regular cleanings as well as...
Mollie J.
Mollie J.
2016-10-28 05:48:06
I had an accident years ago in which my two front teeth were knocked out. I went in two weeks ago for an infection and soon discovered I would need some...

Demandforce Reviews



I was so disappointed when Dr. Warwick decided to retire until I met the dentist he picked to take over his business. I LOVE DR. BAHL AND HER STAFF!!!! I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Bahl is very accommodating and so pleasant that I don’t have that nervous feeling when I know I need to visit her. Thank you Dr. Bahl.

Great place for your Dental Treatment


Dr.Ritu Bahl
In precise, I never want to change my Dental Physician.I highly recommend Dr.Ritu Bahl.

teeth cleaning


great dentist i went to see

My first female dentist in 61.4 years


Everybody was nice. Humor was Good. Work was quality. High tech is in!

Dr. Ritu Bahl


Dr. Bahl handled my dental case with warmth, knowledge, and
intelligence. She is a true professional.

Visit to U District Smiles


Friendly staff make patients feel welcome. Good, thorough cleaning and examination.

Delightful, as always.


As always, a delightful experience.

Five Star


Ritu & UDistrict make me smile literally with confidence 🙂 thank you so much!!

Excellent work.


A breath of fresh air in dentistry. Excellent work, caring staff.

Very Pleased with New Crown


Dr. Bahl and her team did a great job on my new crown. She is knowledgeable, skilled, and personable – what a great combination for a dentist!



My first appointment with Dr Bahl was a great experience. The office is clean, the staff are very friendly and I felt welcomed. I like that I was able to enjoy a movie on an ipad while my teeth were being worked on. Dr Bahl is a great dentist and I would recommend my family and friends to her practice.

Skilled, caring dentist


Dr. Bahl and her staff have always treated me and my daughter with respect and a caring attitude. I very much appreciate Dr. Bahl’s skill in dentistry, her aesthetic eye, her honest and caring approach, and her conservative solutions to problem areas. She’s an exceptionally good dentist.

Best dentist ever!


Dr. Bahl is a wonderful dentist!! I had a minor surgical procedure done recently, and she was so competent, efficient, smooth, and reassuring. She’s the best!!!



Dr Ritu, Natalia and Trinh were warm and receptive. I was late for the appointment, but they were still kind enough to take me in the same slot.

Dr Ritu know what she does and would recommend her to anyone.

Excellent service



The Best!


Dr Bahl is amazing. She gave me 5 star treatment and spent extra time talking with me about my baby and checking her gums as just started teething. As she has 2 children of her own, I highly recommend Dr Bahl for children’s dentistry as well as adults. Her office is very close to UVillage so convenient to pair a dentist visit with shopping!

Ritu Bahl, DMD


I’m so happy with Ritu & her staff. The work is very high quality as well as the follow up and everything else!

Good Dentist!


Dr. Bahl is a good dentist, thoughtful, caring, explains everything & she doesn’t hurt you! She just completed an implant for me & it went very smoothly & I’m very happy with it!

Dr Bahl & Staff are Stellar!


Always enjoy my visits as Dr. Bahl and her staff are extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Bahl uses top technology to analyze teeth and create an action plan. Where else do you have a dentist in training as the dental assistant?



My dentist of 25 years retired and I luckily found Ritu. She and all of her staff are warm & very nice as well professional. Very happy with my new dentist!

Great Service


The equipment are are up to date as while as her knowlege. She knows what she’s doing and she is good at it. And she’s friendly.

Visit U DISTRICT SMILES, Dr. Ritu Bahl


I had to have a crown put in and a broken tooth taken out, when I arrived at UDISTRICT SMILES I was greeted immediately. Once in the dental chair I was given a choice of movies to watch! A portion of my mouth was numbed and Dr. Bahl began her work. I didn’t feel any pain at all and she was done before the movie was! It was a good experience (as much as a dental appointment can be) and I was given suggestions as to what to do if my mouth was in any pain later in the day. Great job and great staff, I would recommend Dr. Bahl to anyone!

The Coronation was successful!


Thank you for very thorough and careful craftsmanship. The tooth is staying in-place with no side-effects. I shall return for other adjustments according to your instructions.

Fantastic with kids and very caring about your needs!


Dr Bahl is not only a fantastic dentist she is exceptional with kids. My kids look forward to going to see her. They play act as dentists so cool has been their experience. This is even when they have had to get work done on cavities – never a fun experience for a 5 yr old. Dr Bahl is there when you need her. She has taken my call on weekends – when my daughter had an sports accident – she provided me support and peace of mind over and above the service.
Well what can we say – we love our dentist!

fillings and sealant application


Timely, easy and nearly painless ( for a dental visit).

Great experience


She is friendly and communicative. Didn’t face any delays and she is thorough with her examination and recommendations

Thorough and Kind


Very thorough exam and recommendations, with consideration for insurance and income streams in reference to timing within the plan.

Excellent, professional friendly care


I inherited this dentist when mine retired. I was impressed by the changes in technology she used, by her answers to my questions and by her friendly demeanor. The work was done well, quickly and with minimal pain. I would, and am, go back.

Great visit


Dr. Ritav Bahl and staff very professional knowledgable , friendly too

Great service!


My experience here was top notch. I showed up late and they were able to accommodate me. In addition they were all very friendly, professional and thorough, unlike many dentists I’ve been to. They also helped me work with my insurance company to make sure I’d get the best coverage. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone.

A very satisfied patient!


Yes, dear Dr.Bahl, you have cared for my dental needs with excellence. I thank you. My dentist-friend from Oregon asked ‘how I was doing’ and I told him about the crown preparation. He said, ‘You have a very good dentist; some that he knows will just finish the work quickly so they can send out the bill. But your dentist is making follow-up appointments in order to insure an exact fit. That is the correct way to do it! You have found a very thorough dentist.’ So, I thank you. I shall see you soon.

I have just entered the 21st century


So far I only had a check up. And yes I do need work done, but I knew that before I went in. I am impressed with the knowledge she has and with the high tech tools.

Wonderful dentist!


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Bahl and her staff. Expert dental care, sensitivie to cost and insurance issues, very current technology, and kind and friendly service. Not to mention a lavendar hot wax treatment for hands while you have your teeth worked on! Great dental care that makes you feel great!

First Time Visit—really great!


The exam was great. Dr. Bahl took the time to explain to me what is going on with my teeth, describing which teeth need to be worked on now and which ones should be watched & fixed at a later date. She also took time to check the white spot under my tongue and suggested that we follow up on that in two weeks. The entire staff is highly competent.

spa experience at the dentist!?!


While my new, expert, and trusted dentist worked in my mouth, replacing an old filling, filing a different filling, and doing some other drilling, scraping and work, my hands were being softened by a paraffin wax treatment and I listened to the music of choice (Count Basie–via Pandora) through an excellent set of headphones. I also wore a pair of dark glasses to keep out the glare of the bright lights being shined into my mouth. But in truth, my eyes were closed and I was (almost) transported completely away from the dental experience by the paraffin treatment and the music. PS my filling replacement was a total success–within 2 days I was able to forget I’d had any work done in my mouth.

office visit


Dr. Bahl is very thorough and professional. Her staff are pleasant to work with. For those looking for a dentist, Dr. Bahl is a great choice. I am new to all the new dentistry tools and techniques as my lifelong dentist who did things “the old fashioned way” retired. Dr. Bahl did a great job getting me comfortable with the current dental practices and I trust her decisions.

Cutting Edge equipment & technology


Ritu Bahl & her staff are caring & understanding listening to your needs & concerns. I am happy to refer them to family & friends!

It’s about communication


There are many ways one may reach Dr. Bahl: in person, by phone, email (preferred by me) and there’s a website!

Wonderful experience


Ritu was warm and professional. She gave me good advice and was thorough in checking that my teeth were in the best shape they could be.

Check Up


Dr. Bahl did a complete rewiew of my teeth including the ones she wants to follow closely in the future. Also she and her staff are cognizant of my dental insurance policies and help me to make the best use of it. I appreciate her approach to my dental care.

A Crowning Experience!


Thank you for high-level art and craft. The new tooth fits exactly and has settled into its place amongst others which have survived the course of time. Now we get to try to repair another one. Thanks for your patience and kindness.

Great Dentist and Staff


While many dread going to the dentist I find Dr. Bahl and her staff to make the experience as pleasant as possible. The entire team is personable and excellent at what they do. Dr. Bahl sets me at ease and does an excellent job at explaining the pro’s and con’s of different options in regards to my teeth. I would definitely recommend.

Didn’t hurt


Options were clearly explained, so I might make an informed decision about replacing missing teeth.

Installation of crown


My experience at Dr. Bahl’s has always been a good one. The ladies there are very friendly and funny too. Dr. Bahl was quick and I was out of the office in about an hour.
I would recommend her to any of my friend’s and family. Thank you!

Outstanding service


I am so delighted to have found Ritu since my dentist retired. Very caring, professional and sweet. Her staff is equally outstanding.

Fantastic Dentist!


My fiance and I started going to Dr. Bahl a few months ago and love her and her team!! She is quick, painless and honest about what services you actually need. We’ve had cleanings, x-rays, fillings and I’ve even gone through her for my invisalign treatment. The office is clean with state of the art equipment. Trang at the front desk is extremely organized and accommodating with scheduling. I would highly recommend Dr. Bahl and her team to anyone looking for a new dentist!

deep cleaning; crown prep


both procedures were done very well i thought and i would recommend this office to anyone

Tooth Repair


The Dentist is extrememy competent. But I did have a soreness in the jaws the next day..all day, and the gum-tissue above the major tooth repaired is still somewhat sore and sensitive and must be ‘brushed’ carefully or it hurts! But the other issues, such as trapped food and gum sensitivity need to be addressed ‘up ahead’. As a new patient, I need to get used to a new system of dental services.

Having fun–at the dentist’s?!


Had my first appointment with Ritu (never been on a first-name basis with my dentist before) and felt relaxed and comfortable for the whole exam. I had all new pics taken of my teeth with digital technology. And Ritu showed me live images of my teeth on the computer screen by putting a toothbrush-sized camera in my mouth. Cool! We chatted away and got to know each other, despite the interruption of dental tools in my mouth. I am looking forward to my follow-up appointment in 2 weeks (despite the fact that I have to get a filling replaced–NOVOCAINE SHOT!!)

Thorough first exam

Dec 29, 2011

I have every confidence that Dr. Bahl & staff will meet our family’s needs going forward. Excellent rapport with patients and staff, takes time to answer all questions, seems very skilled, embraces latest technology, and explains procedures well. I happened to be in the waiting area when two out of town business people came in to offer profuse thanks for Dr. Bahl’s emergency treatment of a coworker of theirs. They said Dr. Bahl “saved our company’s business trip.” That they would take time out of their working holiday to come by to thank her speaks volumes.

Dentist with a heart


Ritu is a caring dentist who banishes anxieties by her calm manner and skill at dentistry. She explains everything, which I really appreciate. Her office staff and dental assistant have amazing expertise in their areas. Keep up the good work, ladies!

my new smile


i love my new dentist

Women power .. gentle and effective.


The extraction went well, it appears. So far healing seems to be taking place, as there is no bleeding or tenderness at the socket. I’m pleased!

Visit on Friday 12/23/2011


Only the 2nd visit and it felt like I’ve known them for years! Experience was wonderful, even though it was dental work. Five Star.

implant – first stage


I had the surgery to put in the screw, as the first stage towards getting an implant. Dr. Bahl did a great job – no complications or problems & I can look forward in a few months to having actual teeth in my mouth!

Honest but kind


I had a deep cleaning to go through. Dr. Bahl told me exactly what would be involved in a way that didn’t make me worry. The process it self was arduous, but through it all Dr. Bahl told me what was happening and what she was doing while still be as gentle as she could be and keeping me at ease.

two fillings


Dr Bahl was very thorough and did two fillings in one sitting. This was my second time in her practice – first was dental cleaning and check-up. Both time she was on time, professional and responsive to me as a patient. She is also very personable with her patients and, what I could observe, with her staff.

Initial Visit to Dr. Bahl


This is a different kind of program, but clearly very competent and thorough. I am still used to the mouth washing basin and cups which I have done ‘forever more’. All providers must continue excellent service before they are ever granted the ‘fifth star’.

Painless root canal


Ritu was a very easy going dentist. I came in for a root canal and the whole experence was great. The conversations were fun and she did a great job saving me money which I really appreciate. It’s hard to find a dentist that is going to be honest with you and not try to sell you all of their products and tell you that you need an extra crown or filling. Good job Ritu, I will be a continue customer.

Personable and Thorough!


Had my first appointment with Dr. Bahl and I must say I was impressed. Very friendly staff in a comfortable and clean atmosphere. You can tell she is up to date with some cutting edge technology when it comes to dentistry.

Will definitely be back and would recommend to others!

Excellent Dental Experience


Warm and friendly staff. up to date equipment. Very thorough exam and explanation of care of my mouth and teeth. This was the best cleaning and examination of my teeth in years.

1st vist – cleaning


Dr Bahl was very thorough in explaining her procedures and preventive care. I felt comfortable discussing my needs and learning her professional opinion re. prevention. I think she is as caring about patients as was Dr. Warrick.

fillings, crown


All good. Took awhile to recover but got it all done at once.

Ritu Bahl, DMD


I’m so delighted to have found such a great dentist – very nice, competent and concerned – including your staff.

Knowledgeable and practical


Dr. Bahl is really great-she is the best dentist I have ever been to. She is very involved and hands-on with her patients-good at educating them and also tailoring their treatment so that it is practical.

More modern


Everything seemed more modern. Hope is better in long run!
Good tips on gum, teeth care.

1st visit with new dentist


I had a very good experience meeting my new dentist for the first time. She and her staff were very courteous and thorough!



Very pleasant experience. Found everyone to be attentive and amiable. Felt confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the entire group.
Good to see the practice is being updated and brought up to current standards. Also happy to see the concern for financial considerations.
Dr. Warick is a tough act to follow but I’m convinced the new practice will flourish!

Dr Bahl is Highly Recommended


Dr Bahl and her team provide very professional, thorough, and friendly care. It is refreshing how her team is conscious of insurance coverage and is very informative on what care is covered and what treatments I will need in the next year so I can adjust my coverage accordingly.
As an expecting father, Dr Bahl had stellar advice on how to care for newborn gums and prepare babies for future dentist visits. She is a mother of two and can speak to direct experience. We will definitely be taking our baby to see Dr Bahl in the future as well!




Great professional experience


I was treated very professionally and the dental issues I was there for handle awesomely

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